In Europe the police is taking action against people taking photos or filming accidents. In Germany, the police is taking it a bit further...

Do you want to see the dead body?

If you take photos of an accident, it is not just showing a lack of respect, but also it is very dangerous. Especially near an accident you need to focus completely on the traffic around you, not crawling past the scene looking through your phone lens to get extra attention on Facebook or Instagram.


This German traffic cop had enough of these “Gaffer” (onlookers) and decided to take drastic measures. At an horrific accident scene where an Hungarian truck driver was killed, the photographers were stopped and offered to opportunity to see the dead body up close for the ultimate close-up for social media.

The people who got this opportunity, suddenly backed down after receiveing the offer. Apparently this was a bit much for them? Luckily the police had a nice fine for them instead: 128 Euros ($143). This too will look good on their timelines.

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